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The start of our new blog! August 14, 2012

Hello All and Welcome to our New Blog!
We know purity is important to you, especially if you are reading this blog. Knowing what is in your food to your mattress, it all matters because it all affects you in some way or another. Choosing the organic and natural option is what you want to do, but learning about it and what truly is pure and what isn’t, that is something you need to do. Sadly, there is only so many hours in day and we at Pure-Rest Organics understand that sometimes you just don’t have the time to do the research and figure it all out.

That, is why we created this Blog!

We do the research, we figure it all out, and then we present the information you need about not just us as a company, but everything out there that can affect you and your home!

Comment below with what you would like us to do the research on first and maybe our next post will be about it!


3 Responses to “The start of our new blog!”

  1. Carol Glynn Says:

    Which is the best organic mattress to replace the one that comes with the arms reach mini co-sleeper lassie. And which brand is used as a mattress pad cover & which brands used for sheets that fit and mattress pads to put under sheets?

    • purerestteam Says:

      Hi Carol,
      We at PureRest personally offer a wool moisture pad topped latex infant mattress(though please note this does not come with any wood peices) and that is actually what I would recommend for replacing your current mattress. You will also want to get an untreated wood peice from your local diy shop(like home depot) and have them cut an untreated peice of wood to the inner dimensions of your co-sleeper to fit inside as a support for the mattress. With the classic, there are quite a few different sizes, so I would recommend measuring it to figure out the exact dimensions for the replacement mattress. There are multiple brands of pad covers and such, though we at PureRest personally have organic cotton fitted sheets for the mini cosleeper and pads. In regards to pads, depending which organic baby mattress you get would depend on the pad/s. If you get the wool moisture pad topped infant mattress, then just an organic cotton filled quilted pad(of any sort as long as it doesn’t have any “waterproof” plastic coatings) would be good. If you get any other type of mattress without a wool moisture resistant top of some sort, then I would recommend an organic cotton filled quilted pad and a wool liquid resistant or moisture pad of any sort as long as it is not chemically treated(which can ruin the liquid resistance). I hope this helps, my apologies about the length of the answer.

  2. Carol Glynn Says:

    Mini co sleeper classic not lassie

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