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Different Natural Fabric Materials & Best Uses- Hemp October 16, 2017

There are a lot of different natural fabrics, and each has its own unique properties and uses that are most optimal. Not everyone has time to research each fabric, so we are compiling a general list with some basic information on various natural fabrics and ideal uses. Each post will be about a specific fabric; today’s post is about Hemp.

(Pictures of hemp fabric)



Properties include being antibacterial, durable, & having a warmer feel. A textured fabric, that gets softer with each washing, but overall not the softest material. Hemp is made by first breaking down the outer stalk through physical means to get the inner primary bast fibers inside and then processed into a textile.

This processing, known as steam explosion, involves heating water to very high temperatures and then forcing the fibers through it, which breaks them down further. Hemp is grown without the usage of pesticides due to the plant’s naturally more durable nature. It also is very sustainable as it requires minimal care to produce quite a bit of product. Before the improvements in the production of cotton, hemp textiles were more commonly used, though not as common as linen and wool.

Ideal Use for: Bath Linens, Clothing, and Outdoor products. Undergarments like socks or warmer clothing like jackets and sweaters can specifically work really well when made of or with hemp.

General Care: Normally hemp products can be machine or hand washed. They can also normally be machine dried, though low temperature is best. When air drying, they will dry rather quickly. Overtime, the hemp will get softer. Hemp products also tend to be sturdier so they will last longer.

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We hope this information on hemp fabric is helpful. Please feel free to post in the comments your ideas for a future blog post!